Faith based addictions ministry

The Other Side


* Razors
* Shampoo/conditioner 
* Body wash
* Brushes/combs
* Make-up & hairspray
* Fitted and flat twin sheets, quilts, blankets
* Deodorant
* Kleenex
* Towels /Washcloths
* Bathroom tissue paper
* Paper towels
* Grocery coupons 
* Laundry detergent
* Reading glasses
* Flip Flops
* Shoes
* socks 
* Underwear 
* Female hygiene products
* Fabric softener/dryer sheets
* Shaving cream
* Q-tips
* Pots/pans

* Individual packets of oatmeal
* Plastic spoons
* Gallon-size Ziploc bags
* Canned Tuna
* Bags of rice or beans
* Sugar
* Coffee
* Coffee creamer
* Drink mixes (lemonade, Kool-Aid, Tang, iced tea)
* Jelly

Non-Perishable Food 
* Cheese or peanut butter crackers
* Beef jerky
* Applesauce
* Pudding
* Fruit cups
* Granola/Cereal/Power bars
* Chef-Boy-R-Dee items
* Ravioli/spaghetti-os
* Ramen noodles
* Tomato juice
* Packaged nuts
* Trail mix
* Fruit snacks, dried fruits
* Peanut butter
* Any kind of pasta
* Spaghetti sauce
* Canned vegetables,  fruit, soup
* Macaroni and cheese
* chips/pretzels/Goldfish
* Boxed drinks and juices
* Vienna sausages 
* Pop tarts

We have opened a women's facility in Higginson, AR. Our hope is to serve women in Cleburne and White County. The program will be a 6-month, in-house, faith-based program for women.

There is nothing that is more significant than family. As families are deteriorating due to addiction, the effect is that more children are being orphaned by this epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction. Let's stop ignoring the elephant in the room. DOTS believes that in the big picture, by changing the lives of mothers, daughters, and wives, they can change the lives of children and future generations, one life at a time.  Providing opportunity for children to have a sober mom and for mom's to have sober children.

To be considered as a resident, we ask that you come to Chapel on Saturdays at 10:00 AM at Higginson Assembly of God Church.

For more information about Daughters of The Other Side, please call us at (501) 230-5101.

Daughters of The Other Side (D.O.T.S.)